The protest generation has reborn, but this time with a modern twist. In 2019, nothing looks better on your Instagram than you supporting popular causes like the environment. But trust me, the world doesn’t want your Instagram support when in reality you keep drinking your Red Bull Sugarfree with a plastic straw, throw your cigarette buds on the floor, shower every morning for 30 minutes and finish the week by filling your 30 gallons bath for self-care Sunday.

Earth day

Last April, we had the honor of celebrating earth day. Millions of people liked and shared a picture of a tree. Supposedly, the likes on this picture would ensure new trees would be planted. Good job on you! You singlehandedly saved the environment by sharing a picture of a tree.

No off course you didn’t. And I hear your thinking ‘change starts with yourself’. That is completely true and that’s why you literally contributed zero to any significant change. The environment will not be saved by only planting new trees.

Larger problems

Climate change is the biggest humanitarian crisis we will ever face in the history of mankind. And that’s a fact. Even more rapidly than scientists initially thought, our climate is changing so drastically that it will have devastating effects on planet earth as we know it today. This is not a debate with 2 sides, and it should not be approached as one.

Why can all kings, queens, lords, and ladies in Game of Thrones put aside their differences and fight the common enemy, but the great nations of our planet can’t? This is a problem we need to tackle by joining forces and combining our strengths. Believing that you personally are not contributing to the disaster or that you can’t have an impact is really stupid.

Every person on earth carries part of the shared responsibility we have towards taking care of our home. That means that each individual has to make serious efforts to prevent further climate change.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Visible changes

To those who still think climate change is a hoax or isn’t primarily caused by human actions, I just want to say look around you. Sea levels are rising, cities are sinking, animals show unnatural behavior, temperatures are rising, seasons are shifting, and natural disasters are happening more frequently.

Global warming isn’t simply a result of a ‘natural cycle’ in which there are ice ages and warm periods. Global warming is the direct results of the increasing amount of Co2 emissions pumped into the air every second of every day. However, it is not too late. By making small changes to your own lifestyle and daily habits you can contribute to actually saving the planet.


To initiate change and contribute to a more sustainable world, there are many things you can do. Here’s a list of concrete things you can do to reduce your waste production, save energy, and live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

To reduce your waste:

  • Bring your own paper bag to the supermarket.
  • If you happen to need to buy a plastic bag anyways, reuse this as a trash bag for example.
  • Buy items you use regularly in bulk. Instead of buying a small pack of rice for 1 meal, buy a 10kg bag.
  • Bring plastic bottles back to the store (many big bottles are accepted by the store for reuse).
  • In some locations, you can also return small plastic bottles.
  • Don’t buy more than you need. Only buy products you will also consume, so you don’t end up having to throw away food.
  • Recycle all plastic packages, separate paper and carton, and reuse glass jars or pots to store ingredients in.

To live more environmentally friendly:

  • Shower no longer than necessary.
  • Turn lights off in rooms where you don’t need a light.
  • Don’t leave electricals on stand-by.
  • Don’t brush your teeth or wash dishes under running water.
  • Use public transport or bike.
  • Eat less meat.
  • Buy local products.
  • Start a compost bin.
Photo by Josh Barwick on Unsplash