Are you ready for some boiling hot, juicy TV drama? This show left more people shook than when Britney and Justin broke up 20 years ago (I know right, it has been that long!). Everybody knows that feeling of seeing their own reflection in their laptop’s black screen after gasping at the end of a suspenseful episode. Well, lovely readers, that is Shonda Rhimes’ How to Get Away with Murder in a nutshell. You know her, she is the queen of Thursday-night television in the States, with her other two hit shows Grey’s and Anatomy Scandal. No wonder fans prefer TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) over TGIF. Let’s have a look!

This is by far the best show to sip your sizzling tea with as you watch. How to Get Away with Murder is a dramatic crime series about a group of ambitious law students and their insanely clever Criminal Defense professor, who become involved in a murder plot that is absolutely not like your everyday CSI New York storyline.

The creator of the show, Peter Nowalk, has created such a twisted scenario that it promises to put the characters’ lives completely upside down. Starring Viola Davis as Annalise Keating, she slays everyone away with her performance (Get it? Slay as in murder?). Annalise is a kick-ass lawyer who can defend anyone; guilty or innocent. Each year she chooses four students to collaborate with her as her assistant-lawyers. But what these students do not know, is that everyone who gets even near Annalise’s home office, will fall into a deep web of never-ending crimes, murders and drama.

Starting at season 1, it is a special year at Middleton Law University in Philadelphia. The first day of the new semester, everyone arrives to hear that one of their fellow-students, Lila Stangard, has been murdered in cold blood. It’s the instant hot topic of the new academic year, both on and off campus… but what does Annalise have to do with all of this? Lila was just an innocent, young girl, who might have slept with a guy or two, but come on, that is none of our business anyway, right?

How to Get Away with Murder is the steamiest, sexiest, and most suspense-driven lawful thriller in television history, and a definite must-see for every binge-watcher on this planet. Check out seasons 1 to 4, each containing 15 episodes that will make you sweat as you sit still and let the vapor rise out of your touristy I Love London-mug.

DISCLAIMER: How to Get Away with Murder may have major influences on assignment and exam results. Any action you take upon the recommendation in this article is strictly at your own risk.