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It’s been a while since the world came into contact with such an authentic artist like RIMON. Sound, personality, and looks, all flow perfectly together in establishing what has now become a world-class artist. Born in Eritrea and raised in Amsterdam, RIMON stays close to her authentic sound by independently pushing forward her own career and releasing music that represents the authenticity in her life.

RIMON deliberately stays close to this ‘neo-soul’ sound that has been defining her art, and it shows throughout all her work (both audio and video). In an interview with i-D, RIMON mentions how her influences come from all angles: her own environment, personal struggles, inspirational women, and books. It’s safe to say that these inspirational sources shine through in the visuals for her music.


It’s been a year since her debut album released in November 2018, where RIMON takes us through the stages of love, pain, struggle, and growth. Not only is the message of her music a highly valuable life lesson, but every song is also vocally very strong. The melodies reflect the mood of the message, and the instruments complement the range of her voice. Just listen to any song and you will feel the need to turn up the volume, close your bedroom door, and just dance until the sun rises.

What is beautiful about this album is that you can clearly tell it has not been written and produced to satisfy a commercial market. Every single lyric of every song on this body of art has been crafted and designed out of emotional experience, feelings, and love. This is what differentiates RIMON from any other artist in the game right now.

Pure artistry

I just wanna share one of 2019’s best music videos so far (if not the best). In focu$, RIMON shares the final chapter of her story, hence it’s also the last song on the album. The message she’s telling us is to, literally, focus on yourself. Whatever happened, whatever traumas you had to go through, now is time to just go slow and “focus on yourself”.

She is breaking away from the pains that have constrained her life and which has left her painful wounds. “My soul, my soul. But it won’t look better on you no, noo” is a beautiful line that shows the growth RIMON has gone through. She is well aware that her soul belongs to no one but herself.

Your past painful experiences don’t define who you are today, and RIMON reminds us of that. In the end, you gotta look after yourself and “Make sure you’re alright”. Because you don’t need anyone “to comfort yourself”, instead you should “embrace yourself”.

The outro of this song is by far the most powerful, important, and empowering message that I have heard in music in a long time. RIMON has come to a realization, moved away from the pain.

“I’m doing me now
Growin’ for me now
Gain cash for me now
Piece of mind for me now”

These 4 sentences are repeated throughout the last 2 minutes of the video and will leave a huge impact on you if listened to carefully. Essentially, this is what life comes down to. You gotta put yourself first, and make sure you are doing alright. Grow in your personal development, work hard, get that coin, and come to a piece of mind.

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