German pop star Kim Petras dropped her fourth EP on Friday right before Valentine’s weekend. The seven-song body of art called Slut Pop celebrates sex in all its forms. Love and lust are definitely no unfamiliar topics to Petras, with songs like ‘Coconuts’ and ‘Heart to Break’. But Slut Pop is for sure a step up in her artillery of sex. Consider this Kim Petras NSWF+++.

15 minutes of sex

The opening track ‘Slut Pop’ is an embodiment of sexual freedom, with Petras opening the EP saying “Whip your d*ck out, turn your b*tch out”. There is no holding back in this song, as Petras quite literally lays it all out on the table.

This theme continues on the second song, ‘Treat Me Like A Slut’: “Treat me like a slut, little dirty b*tch, yeah, I love to f*ck.”

‘XXX’ is the title of the third track. And for those who enjoy adult content in the late nights, I’m sure you know what the title refers to. “Oh, death by sex, oh, I’mma give it to you best.” These tracks are definitely raunchy and very sexual, but do not be mistaken. They serve a higher purpose. In a press statement, Petras said that the tracks are supposed to be a “fun and freeing reminder that no one should be ashamed (or be shamed) for being sexual.”


Slut Pop’s fourth track, ‘Superpower B*tch’, continues the theme of breaking taboos and taking pride in your sexuality. “I’m a superpower b*tch, I can make you c*m, I’m a superpower b*tch, spit you out like gum.” Not only does Petras take pride in her sexual abilities, but she also establishes power. She won’t let anyone take advantage of her.

On track five, ‘Throat Goat’, Petras brags about her skills. “I just sucked my ex, no gag reflex
I just had to flex, I’m the throat goat.” Goat is a commonly used acronym for Greatest Of All Time. In other words, Petras brags about her throat being the best because she has no gag reflex.


On ‘They Wanna F*ck’, the sixth track of the EP, Petras talks about all the boys that want to make love to her. But similar to ‘Superpower B*tch’, Petras is in control and does not catch feelings for her casual hookups. “I don’t wanna take you homе, I just wanna pull up and get that dome, li-li-lick that ice cream off the cone, when I wake up, b*tch, you better be gone.”

The closing song of the EP, ‘Your Wish Is My Command’, truly is this year’s Valentine’s anthem. Hopefully all of us will be singing to the lyrics, “and do it again, and do it again, and do it again.”

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