In this series of fashion reviews, I discuss the latest trends on and off the runway, give style tips and tricks, and review popular fashion items. In this post, all about creative mind and fashion designer Jacquemus. This is: Passion for Fashion.

Simon Porte Jacquemus is the French designer and creator of the brand Jacquemus, named after his late mother. With only 10 years since its start, Jacquemus has accomplished a lot, including some of the most incredible fashion looks. You might not know him for his designs, but perhaps for his Instagram account that is lately creating a lot of buzz among celebrities.

Jacquemus is the mastermind behind the famous Spring 2020 fashion show with the vibrant pink runway in a southern Italian field of purple lavender, as well as the recent ‘naked lover pictures’ that circulated social media. But what is very recognizable of him right now are his magical summer stories on Instagram that are keeping us in a quarantine state where we would love to be in his beautiful warm and colorful Italian summer fantasy.


But something that Jaqcuemus did a few days ago was very interesting. He had an editorial photoshoot with Bella Hadid, using nothing more than a phone and the FaceTime app. These low-quality, almost vintage pictures were seen all over social media.

There where three people involved in this project, Jaqcuemus himself, Hadid as the model, and Pierre Carlotti as the photographer. Jacquemus gave the art direction instructions while Hadid posed and Carlotti was taking screenshots from his iPhone.

Although this might seem like a simple idea, it is great to see such artistic minds take a step forward and undertake a photoshoot under these extraordinary circumstances. They still manage to create art and craft their projects, and I have to say, it looks amazing. Hadid was not the only one that modeled for Jacquemus on FaceTime. Barbie Ferreira and Steve Lacy were also down for this virtual/online photoshoot. And later Rosalia joined with her own set of pictures modeling Jacquemus clothes.


This week’s TOOT I have to give to the wonderful Jacquemus Chiquito bag, and especially to the blue floral print. This piece is everything you want in a bag. This intense blue floral pattern matches perfectly with the Italian summer vibe that Jaqcemus is feeding us through his vision, and we are all here for it.

2 bags next to each other of the brand Jacquemus
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On the other hand, this week’s BOOT is for another bag that is somewhat outrageous for its price. This ‘sac’ is literally a bag for oranges with a leather strip on it. Although it is a very nice piece with a touch of vintage, the bag retails for €170. This is not something very reasonable considering the basic materials. Get a bag of oranges at your local supermarket and a leather collar from the pet store and you can make your own ‘sac filet’. 

Overall I love Jacquemus and cannot wait to see what’s next for his astonishing fashion, because it’s clear that he is an artist and a visionary, ahead of other designers right now.

Item of the week

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And for the item of this week, I want to suggest the sunglasses by Hawkers. Jacquemus has a wonderful line of sunglasses but that might be above budget for most of us. Hawkers is a great alternative for some cool sunglasses that have almost the same aesthetic feel to it. This Spanish brand manages to combine everyone’s favorite three: affordability, quality, and style.

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