Pot, cannabis, marihuana, maria, porro, jonko, or simply weed. Whatever you wanna name it, it comes down to you getting high AF. In this series called High Tea, I share my thoughts on the world and everything around me, while baking on some grass. I do not intend to answer any questions, these are simply my thoughts.

Today, I hit the joint and share with you my vision on reality.

This is a thought that has came to my mind for a few times already but it sparked my attention a while ago when I watched the movie Game Night. This movie is about a group of friends who meet for game nights, but the movie takes a twist focused on a real-life mystery. At some point in the movie you can’t differentiate between what is the actual game and what is ‘reality’. I won’t spoil anything as I recommend this movie to all of you (and even more if you’re high).

A success formula

This theme is used in major blockbusters like The Game, Matrix, The Truman Show, Inception, and many others. But why is this a topic that so many movies tend to play around with? Why does the idea of messing with reality do so good in the box office? These questions all came to me and I started seeing it everywhere. Not only movies use this concept, also our own reality knows this blurred line between reality and fiction (are you still following?).

What about the popular ‘flat earth society’? Bear with me, this will make sense.

I believe that in this society, regardless of absurdity, the feeling that there is some major purpose being hidden from us, and that we are all living in a fake world, lies in the nature of people. The main argument by the ‘flat earthers’ suggests the government is lying and controlling us, hiding the reality of earth and space. But we know this is not true and yet they still choose to believe it.

What if the reality that we know is not enough for us? Maybe that’s why we watch movies that play with this, or that’s why flat earth society was created in the first place. They exist so we can give a place to this thought of a different reality.

What is real?

But this is not all, I am sure that the thought of someone controlling you has came to your mind at some point in your life. What if we are living in a simulation where we are the characters of a game? This sense of maybe living in a lie gives us some emotion and maybe even purpose.

You don’t know, I don’t know, no one knows. And we will never know.

Maybe this article only got to you from someone at ‘the other side’ trying to communicate with you and get your attention to start the revolution against the ‘major power’. Maybe I am the one, sent to liberate society from the oppression of the constructed reality we all live in.

After all, you can only access your own brain, and the ideas bubbling in that pink mass are your unique creations. You construct this idea of reality, without ever really knowing ‘the truth’…

Thinking back to the flat earth society and me calling it ‘absurd’, maybe it’s not so absurd after all. But who am I? After all, I was high when I wrote this.