Debunking the Flat Earth ‘Theory’

I know right, what a laugh. Even writing this I feel ashamed. Not necessarily of myself, but of the human race. Recently I stumbled on a mindblowing documentary on Netflix called Behind the Curve. This documentary reveals how there are numerous people that believe the earth is not actually a globe, but a flat disk with a dome over it. Yes this is indeed funny, but that funny aspact quickly turns into sadness, and the sadness will turn into frustration. This documentary is truly an emotional rollercoaster and I was there for the ride.

This is something I thought I would never do in my life, but I’m gonna debunk the Flat Earth Theory. *cringe*

I initially wanted to say one thing to finish this whole ‘debate’, which is, the earth is just round. Round like a globe, round like an apple, round like a flying object through space that knows the principles of gravity, but definitely NOT flat. However, this will not be enough to convince the less fortunate a.k.a. ‘flat earthers’, so I will provide some more proof. I’m gonna provide proof that the earth is round… Proof that the earth… is round. Yikes. But here we go.

  1. Gravity. In short: gravity means objects are pulled towards the center of the mass of other objects. This means that on a round earth, any object that you drop, falls in a straight line down, because it is attracted to the centre of the mass. I the earth would be flat, that means the center is in the middle of that flat plate. So if you drop an object to the right of that center, it is pulled towards the middle. The same happens if you drop an object to the left of that center. So if you want to check for yourself if the earth is round, just drop an apple and see if it goes straight down.
  2. Horizon. Go to the beach, look at boat sailing away. If you see the boats ‘disappearing’ into the water, that does not mean they’re sinking, it means they’re sailing away on a round curved earth.
  3. Time zones. The reason why now here, in the Netherlands, the time is 9:16 and the sun is out, but in New York it is 4:16 and it is completely dark, is because the sun can illuminate only one side of the earth. If the earth would be flat, the time would be the same everywhere.
  4. Space images. Maybe one of the easiest ways to pull yourself back to sanity when you might have got lost in this fictional world of conspiracies, is to look at the Instagram accounts of astronauts. They take raw pictures from their space stations and the earth is clearly round.

I feel deeply saddened that I spend time writing about the earth being round, but apparently it was needed. Although I am a conspiracy lover myself, but with no imagination could I ever understand why people think the earth could be flat. I hope no one reading this is a ‘flat earther’ but if you are, my condolences.

This documentary and the people in it should not get more attention than some irrelevant bloggers writing about them. That is simply sad (pun intended). But, if you still fancy a good laugh or perhaps a sad cry, don’t shy away from adding Behind The Curve to your Netflix’s watchlist. Who knows, it might be a good option for some Neflix and chill.