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Pitch a story

Do you have a story to tell? Is there a topic you think is underrepresented in traditional media? Do you want to share your opinion with the rest of the world? Then this is an opportunity to make your voice heard!

You can e-mail your pitch to
Every week, we will review all the pitches and reply to your e-mail with instructions on how to proceed.

Make sure your pitch contains the following information:
– Why does this article fit TRUTH OR TEA?
– What is your story or topic?
– What will the article look like? Interview, review, background story, essay, etc.
– What is the length approximately?
– Do you have pictures?

We expect all pitches to be in English, adhere to our core values of diversity and inclusion, and not exceed 300 words. Yes, that’s it! You don’t need any previous writing or publishing experience, and you don’t need to have a portfolio.

Complete article

Do you already have a finished article that you would like to be published on TRUTH OR TEA? E-mail your article with the following information to
– Has it already been published elsewhere?
– Is it exclusive to TRUTH OR TEA?
– Do you have pictures and are these copyright free?
– Why does the article fit TRUTH OR TEA?


To tip a story, suggest an interview, or anything else, you can Instagram DM the official Instagram account @truthortea or send an email to

Note that TRUTH OR TEA is a non-commercial blog and can therefore not offer any financial compensation for your content.