In a bizarre turn of events, hordes of brainless Trumpists stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to overthrow the government. They shattered windows, stole documents, broke into Nancy Pelosi’s office, and even sat on the Senate leader’s chair. But who are these people behind the Capitol riots?

What was supposed to be a simple formality, counting the electoral votes and announcing President-elect Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States, turned into an episode of a very bad reality show. But who are these people that thought it was a good idea to storm the US Capitol and ignite a massive riot? Let’s have a look.

Identified subject 1

This man right here is 32-year-old Jake Angeli from Arizona. He is a hardcore Trump supporter and COVID-conspiracist that goes by the name of QAnon Shaman. Although it’s no surprise Trump supporters are also QAnon warriors, the choice of wardrobe on the other hand is very intriguing. Half-naked, with some sort of Native-inspired headpiece, covered in tattoos and paint: this man looks like a setpiece from Night at the Museum.

In several videos, Angeli can be seen marching the hallways of the Capitol, threatening officers, and even sitting on the Senate leader’s chair. A seat that normally is reserved for Vice-President Mike Pence was now temporarily occupied by a dude with horns.

Identified subject 2

Next up is this white middle-aged guy called Richard Barnett, who also goes by the name Bigo. Richard lives in Gravette, Arkansas, and he posed for a picture with stolen mail from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Richard looted a federal building, broke several laws, stole private communication, and posed with it for a picture. Even worse, he proudly told reporters that he wrote a ‘nasty letter’ for the House Speaker while he had his feet on her desk. Richard was not shot and has (so far) not been arrested by the police.

Identified subject 3

The next dimwit I will show you is by far the most shocking to me. In a video posted earlier today, State Representative Derrick Evans (W.VA) live-streamed while breaking into the US Capitol. This is an elected official breaking into his own workplace… let that sink in.

In a Facebook post, Evans stated that he was “an independent member of the media (there) to film history.” The absurdity of it all honestly baffles me.

Unidentified subject 1

Moving on we got a few people which have not (yet) been identified. First up is this Dumbledore-looking white male who wore a t-shirt that says ‘Camp Auschwitz’. Not only is this a very poor life choice for the man himself, but it’s also the last place you should wear such a t-shirt anyway. Considering the entire world was watching, I bet this photo from the Capitol riots is going to have some repercussions for Mr. Dumbledore.

Unidentified subject 2

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, then hold your horses. This is another unidentified moron who brought the Confederate flag into the US Capitol. Important to understand is that this is not just a regular dude bringing in a racist flag to a looting party on Capitol Hill. This image represents the deeply rooted racism and sentiments of segregation, that is still proudly passed on and lived through by millions of Americans. This image represents American racism brought into the heart of the country. Yes, this is distasteful, but more importantly, it’s embarrassing.

Unidentified subject 3

Now I want you to look at this next image. This terrorist looter decked himself out with a gun, taser, bodycam, and suspiciously-sized zip-ties. Whoever this man is, he certainly came with different intentions than most of the blockheads that stormed the Capitol.

Unidentified subject 4

Lastly, let’s have a look at law enforcement. This officer was literally, and I mean literally, taking a selfie with the terrorists. However much I want to be shocked and surprised, I genuinly can’t say I am. This event is definitely not an ‘incident’, but more like a 4-year-long fueled battle.

My final verdict of the Capitol riots

Am I confused? Yes. Am I concerned? Yes. Am I surprised? No.

However traditional media and politicians will frame this, I think it’s only right to say this was an organized terrorist attack by outraged Trump-supporters. The incident was ignited and fueled by the President himself, and escalated through inherently racist judgement by police forces and national authorities. Unfortunately, this comedic event cost the lives of at least 4 people. But in all honesty, have the US ever mourned the death of terrorists?

You might be asking yourself why the police didn’t do more. Why didn’t they use force as they did during other protests in the past year? All I can think of is that perhaps this time these police officers did not face their opponents, but their teammates.

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