In this series of fashion reviews, I discuss the latest trends on and off the runway, give style tips and tricks, and review popular fashion items. In this post, I will discuss the iconic Balenciaga Winter 20 runway, and Travis Scott’s not so successful shoe collaboration. This is: Passion for Fashion.

Fashion designers design the clothes, but who are the masterminds behind those impressive runways? Art director Nicke Bildstein-Zaar pieced together this mesmerizing runway for the Balenciaga Winter 20 looks. This must be by far one of the best runways of the season, so let me break it down to you.

Arial view of the runway for Balenciaga Winter 2020
YouTube screenshot

Water on the runway!

Not too long ago, the world came to a stop, and fashion shows in all countries are currently on hold. What better moment to look back at one of the most iconic fashions shows of this season? Balenciaga certainly did not come to play this season. The crazy visuals and the alluring music by BFRND really hit those apocalyptic end-of-the-world-feels. The venue could only host 70% of its normal capacity because water flooded the first two rows. The runway literally stretched until the feet of Anna Wintour herself.

Some of the models carry phones or AirPods. At first, this might seem like they forgot to leave it behind backstage, but Balenciaga’s designer, Demna Gvasalia, was no stupid on his intentions. With this runway, the flooded stage, the wet look of the garments, and the AirPods, Gvasalia gives homage to modern wear. The fashion comes together with technology in, what seems like, the roughness of a semi-dystopian near future.

Gvasalia makes reference to global warming and mother nature. In an industry where this topic is quite sensitive, he takes a step forward to tackle this issue. But to what extent is this revindication and not irony? Although Balenciaga’s policies on carbon emission remain rather unclear, it does look like they at least try to acknowledge the issue of climate change with this runway. Overall, this fashion show is appealing to the eye and something fresh in the world of fashion. We cannot wait to see what Balenciaga does next. Perhaps a Zoom runway?

Toot and Boot

For this week’s Toot and Boot, I want to first talk about Traviss Scott’s latest collaboration with Nike on their bandana embroidered gym shoes… I mean, Nike SB Dunk Low. These shoes retailed at €150 and now they are being resold for €1.100 online. Although collaborations between sports brands and artists are one of the most successful marketing strategies, but this one does not do it for me.

Some people might disagree, probably the sneakerheads who pay €1.100 for them, but this hideous plaid pattern is something that reminds me of those cheap bandanas and flannels that you can buy at Primark or H&M. These certainly do not look like a shoe designed by one of the most acclaimed hip hop artists of the moment. BOOT!

What I can Toot, however, is Travis Scott’s 2017 collaboration with Nike on the iconic Air Force One’s. This minimalistic design actually worked great. With changeable swoosh velcro patches, reflective trims, and small metallic grills on the laces, these shoes are something next-level. They play with design and make it seem like a lot of effort went into the process of creating these shoes, pleasantly surprising the consumer. 

Although the shoe might look minimalistic, the flexible customization gives a lot more to play with than the newer Nike SB Dunk Low. TOOT!

Item of the week

Finally, I want to recommend the fashion item of the week. This time, the Gramicci Boa Fleece Sacoche, in Ivory.

Gramicci is a relatively new brand that has been an innovator in outwear clothing. This brand is very versatile and is known to adapt very well to current trends. Gramicci has the reputation of being a signature rock-climber-apparel brand. However, over time they adapted to the streetwear style, without compromising their essence and authenticity. This bag is a perfect mix between utility and streetwear aesthetics, which is so demanded these days.

White shoulder-bag over body

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